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Copying Photos from Your iPhone to Your Dropbox App

If you use Dropbox, you already know how convenient it is to access your documents from anywhere anytime without having to remember to bring your jump drive.  One amazing feature I just learned about the iPhone Dropbox app is that you can copy the photos on your Camera Roll directly to Dropbox on your app.  Check out how easy this is!

Important Notations:

1.  Go to the Dropbox app.  Its icon is shown below.


2.  Click on the Uploads button.


3.  Click on the + button at the top right.


4.  From your Camera Roll, touch the photos you want to upload.  A red checkbox will mark the ones you have selected.  (Touch the photo again to unmark it and remove the checkmark.)


5.  On the bottom half of the screen, browse for the location in Dropbox to which you want to upload your photos.  


6.  The structure of your Dropbox account will be shown as below.  Touch the location to which you want to upload the photo.

7.  Touch the Choose button to select that location.


8.  Touch the Upload button at the top right to upload the selected folders into the location you have chosen. 


You will see your photos being processed as they are uploaded to the Dropbox server.


That’s it!  Once they are uploaded, the photos are available in your Dropbox account.

~Karen Powers Liebhaber