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Counting Rows In MS Excel

Counting Rows In MS Excel

MS Excel will count your highlighted columns or rows for you.

Have you ever found yourself trying to count the number of highlighted columns or rows (maybe to set formatting, borders, etc.)?

It’s annoying – isn’t it?

I’ve actually caught myself with my finger right on the monitor trying to get an accurate count. (Bad idea since it disturbs the dust and now you have to count the columns and clean the screen!)

Want an instant count while you’re doing the highlighting?

It’s there – right in front of you – and the kicker is that it’s been there all along.

Next time you’re highlighting several columns or rows take a look in the little bubble that appears above the column letters or below your last highlighted row.


See the 4C?

That means that 4 columns are currently highlighted.

(For rows you’ll see a number followed by an R.)

Just think of all the finger smudges on the screen that could have been avoided… if only we’d noticed that trick sooner!