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Coursera – Free Courses Online

I can’t begin to express in words how much I love that I’m running across so many sites that are offering free university courses online. With graduation looming before me and my future still uncertain, I can dabble in other disciplines and see if there is another path I want to take. When I first debated going back to school, I looked at a multitude of fields. I settled with my original plan of going into English and then added a History degree as I progressed. I had considered Computer Science, Psychology, and Sociology. If my plan for graduate study doesn’t pan out, I am still considering picking up in one of those fields. With sites like Coursera, I can take a free course and see if the information is interesting and something I’d do well at. 

My own future aside, I strongly encourage lifelong learning. I firmly believe that more we use our brains, the sharper and smarter we will be. Coursera has teamed up with thirty-three of the top universities to offer online courses to students all over the world. And they offer them in many different categories like Arts, Business and Management, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Economics and Finance, Energy and Earth Science, Food and Nutrition, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Physics, Statistics and Data Analysis, Biology and Life Science, Chemistry, Computer Science: Software Engineering, Computer Science: Theory, Education, Engineering, Health and Society, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Music, Film, and Audio.

That’s an abundance of topics! All you have to do is find one you like. I would start by clicking See all Courses near the bottom of the page.  When you find one that interests you, click on it and you’ll be whisked away to that course’s page. Once there, you’ll get tons of information about the course. Information like how many hours a week are required to do the work, what the course will cover, how long the course runs, and any frequently asked questions. Does the course you picked look like the one for you? Then all you need to do is click the blue Sign Up button.  This will walk you through the site registration.

To learn more about the site, its goals, and its courses check out the About section. 

I think this is a really awesome site. I hope you do too!

https://www.coursera.org/ [1]