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Cover Page in Word

Using the Cover Page feature of MS Word 2007? (Insert tab of the Ribbon, Cover Page button.)

It’s pretty handy and sure makes life easy when you need one.

Have you ever tried to use a cover page in the middle of a document? Maybe you need one as a chapter or section title page?

When you tried to insert the additional cover pages what happened?

Nothing? Well, at least that’s what you may have thought happened… but take a good look at your document.

I’d bet that you’re going to find that Word simply replaced the cover you had at the beginning of the document.

Not what we were going for at all.

So, how do we get around it?

With a right-click of course! I mean, right-clicks do all kinds of “magic” and this case is no exception.

Next time you try to use a cover page that isn’t meant for the first page go to the Cover Page gallery (Insert tab of the Ribbon) and with the mouse pointer over the cover of your choice, right-click.


See all the options?

Pick one and your new cover page will be inserted in the chosen location – even if the current location is the middle of the document!

~ April