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cowbird – An Amazing Space To Share Stories

Our lives are comprised of stories. Stories that we tell ourselves, and stories that we tell our friends and families. We experience people, events, and even fantasies through stories. How often have you thought, “What’s that person’s story?” or asked someone, “What’s your story?” I’m an avid people watcher so these are questions I often think about.  

To get started all you have to do is pick a story to view. Then check out the images (and sometimes audio) included. You can use the arrows in the top right of the story to navigate back and forth through the pages. I particularly enjoyed Caring – They Were Too Busy Telling Secrets [1], Grandparents – Bob’s Bees [2], True Friend [3], and How Many Dogs is a Life? [4] to name a few. To view more stories, all you have to do is scroll down the page and more will load. 

Don’t want to randomly explore? You can use the navigation strip at the top of the page with the categories: Search, Explore, Stories, Projects, Collections, Now, and Serendipity to shape your exploration. Explore will take you to a set of groupings of stories by tag so you can select a theme to browse by. Projects features (two at the moment) stories that are created by communities – the Best of Stories, and the Pine Ridge Community Storytelling Project. Collections are  hand picked and curated collections of stories. Serendipity is a very fun way to navigate the site, it will randomly pick a story for you to view leaving what you see up to chance!

Have a story of your own that you’d like to tell? Well you can by joining the community at cowbird. To do this click Join Us. Then fill out the form with the required information and pick Nomad for the free version. As a Nomad you can tell single page stories, love stories, share stories, retell stories, join audiences, create a profile, dedicate stories to the people you love, and receive Daily Stories.

This is an awesome site that allows its visitors an amazing place to share and view stories.

http://cowbird.com/ [5]