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Craft Zine

Craft Zine is a place that I spend a lot of time browsing when I have free time. It is an online magazine that is completely dedicated to the resurgence of crafting and the do-it-yourself spirit.

You will find all sorts of crafty goodness on this site. They have patterns, DIY projects, videos, recipes, a blog, and so much more! On the main page you’ll find what is currently being featured on the site.

Along the top of the page there is a navigation strip with the categories: Project, Blog, Videos, Patterns, Crafters, Community, and Calendar.  Explore them to find something that strikes your fancy!

Looking for a specific kind of project or how-to then type in the topic or keyword for it into the search engine at the top of the page and find it faster that way.

Another way you can browse the site is to click Categories and select a craft or hobby from the drop down list and you’ll be sent off to patterns and projects that are specific to that heading. (For example, if I wanted knitting – I could select knitting from the drop down and not have to weed through the other projects to find what I wanted).

I hope that this site will help inspire the do-it-yourself spirit in all of you! Whether it is blinging out a pair of heels to save money at the show store, crocheting something cute as a gift, or finding a new and delicious recipe to try!

http://craftzine.com/ [1]