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Create a Distribution List in AOL

Kim, from Wisconsin asks:

You answered a question about creating a new distribution list in Outlook for a person who is organizing a class reunion. Can you explain how to create a similar list in AOL, or should I say, mainly a quick way of deleting them all after all is said and done?

Thanks for the question, Kim. It’s easy to create and delete a distribution list in AOL. Although, it should be noted that nearly every time we run an AOL email article, several people write to tell us that their email doesn’t look like ours. In fact, when I looked for how to create a distribution list in AOL, none of the instructions matched the method used here, as none of the elements described in the directions appeared on my screen. I suspect that AOL generates a new version of their mail client, with a new interface, roughly once every 6 minutes. Also, as I recently learned, the look of AOL email is significantly different when viewed in the AOL client. For this article, AOL email was accessed through Firefox.

Open your AOL email and click the Contacts link on the left side of the screen, and select New Distribution List from the menu.

A New List will Appear. Just type the name of the list and click the Create button, or go ahead and Add Contacts. These can be added from your Contacts, or can be added manually.

Once the list has been created, it will appear in your Contacts and can be edited by clicking the Edit button to the right of the name. When you’re done with it, the list can easily be deleted one of two ways.

You can place a checkmark beside the name as it appears in your Contacts and click the Delete button.

Or, you can open the list and click the Delete List button.

I hope this helps. Thanks for the question, Kim.

The Outlook distribution list article mentioned above can be found here [1].