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Create a Facebook Friends List

Mark from Livonia asks:

I hate to brag, but I have a lot of Facebook friends. Is there any way for me to keep them all organized?

If you like everything neat and organized, like me, then you might be a little disappointed with your Facebook account. With hundreds of friends, it would be nice if we could sort through them a little easier; am I right? Today, I’m going to tune you into a feature you may not have noticed before, called Friend Lists. Friend Lists allow you to handpick and create groups of friends, and they’re a cinch to make! Let’s check it out!

Begin by logging into your Facebook account. In the upper right hand corner, select Account, followed by Edit Friends.


Continue by selecting Create a List, and a window will appear.


Now you can enter a name for your new friend list and add people by either selecting or entering in their name. Select Create List, when you’ve finished, and presto!


What are the advantages of having your friends categorized, you ask? My favorite feature is in the chat window, where you can get a good look at who is online by category, without a massive list of every single online friend.


Also, whenever Facebook prompts you to enter in a friend’s name, you can enter in the name of a list as well. Using friend lists, sending a message to a group of people just got a whole lot easier.

Finally, you can use friend lists to help you better manage your Facebook privacy settings, and I’ll show you how! Once again, select Account in the top right corner, and then select Privacy Settings.

Now, scroll to the Sharing on Facebook portion of the page, and select Customize Settings.


Here, you can see a list of information Facebook can share about you.


To edit a particular item, select the menu next to it. For example, I am going to edit the privacy settings to alter who can see “the places I check into.”

Select the arrow on the menu, and then click Customize.’


Facebook allows you to customize who can or cannot see specific information. Usually, you’d have to select individuals one-by-one, but using friend lists, you can just enter the name of a list, select Save Setting, and you’re done! Check out my example below.


You now have pinpoint control over exactly who can see which parts of your Facebook profile. Cool, huh?!

That’s it – I hope friend lists can make your Facebook experience a little more pleasurable and organized. Enjoy!

~ Jay Neil Patel