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Create a Free Web Banner

Ralph from TN asks:

I’m no web design expert, but is there an easy way to create a web banner without all the complex coding and such?


Check the above picture out, Ralph. See that ‘Want to publish your book’ diagonal ad banner on extreme right? Well, that’s embedded into the blog’s masthead and stands out, without being too in-your-face. What’s more, if you click on it, it takes you to the website of the advertiser’s. Now you can do that too, for free. And you don’t even have to know complicated JavaScript for it. All you have to do is ‘copy & paste’ the generated JavaScript code anywhere within the body tags of an HTML page, web template, or Blogger/WordPress blog theme.

The process is simple. Just log on to Website Ribbon [1] and you are good to go.


Simply choose your advertising punchline that is less than 20 words and key it in the ‘Message’ box. Now key in your website URL, followed by your email ID. Select between Tahoma or Verdana font of varying sizes. And then, pick your color for the fonts. There are just too many to choose from. You could choose between Antique White to Cornflower Blue to Blanched Almond to Lavender Blush to Misty Rose to Ghost White. The list is endless. And then, choose between 20 different options for the color banner.

The trick is to try all the fonts and sizes and see what works. Similarly, try out many of the color options before sticking to one. Once done, click on ‘Generate’ and you will get a preview of your web banner along with the JavaScript code as shown below.


If you don’t like what you see, you can change the settings and hit ‘Generate’ again to give the new JavaScript code. Do it until you get it right. Just remember to choose a dark banner and a light font or vice versa. The best example would be white font on a black background or vice versa.

Good luck with your website and blog promotion.

~Zahid H Javali