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Create a LAN Connection and Share Files Between Multiple Computers

Do you use multiple computers at your workplace? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to create a Local area network connection (LAN) between them so that you can quickly copy files, folders and documents from one computer to another. Let’s learn how!

To create a Local area network connection between two computers, you will need the following things:

1. An Ethernet Cable

2. Network drivers and adapters

Following are the steps involved to create a local Area Network connection between multiple computers using the Windows XP or Vista Operating system.

1. Plug in one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of Computer1. Next, plug in another end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of computer2.

2. In computer 1, click Start Menu, right click “My Computer” and choose “Properties


3. If you are using Windows Vista: In the Computer name, domain and Workgroup settings, choose “Change Settings”.


If You are Using Windows XP: Navigate to the “Computer Name” tab as shown below:


4. Click “Change” and enter a assign unique Workgroup name to computer1 as shown below:


5. Click “OK” and you are done setting up the first computer. Now carry out the exact same settings for Computer2. The Workgroup settings of Computer name must match exactly with the Workgroup settings of Computer2.

6. Once both the computers are assigned the same Workgroup name and the ethernet cable is connected, restart both the computers.

7. After a reboot, both computers will detect the workgroup settings automatically and now you are ready to share files, folders and documents across computers using LAN.

Sharing Files in a Local Area Network

Following are the steps involved to share files among the two computers connected in a local area network:

1. Copy a file or folder in computer 1 and click “Network” from the start menu. If your computer is on Windows XP, click “My Network places” from the start menu.

2. In the Network window, you will see a shared folder icon as shown below:


3. This is your second computer, which is showing in the Network window. Double click the icon and browse to “Shared docs > Docs” folder and paste the file which you copied in step1.


4.To get access to this file on your other computer, go to “My Network places” and open the “Shared docs” folder. You would see the file which you copied in the above step.


That concludes the tutorial on setting up a local area network connection on two windows computer. You can now share files, documents and folders and do not require any software or router to do the job.

~Amit Banerjee