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OpenOffice Writer: Quickly Creating a Sheet of Labels

While I can’t speak for anyone else, I find it extremely useful to know how to create a sheet of blank labels in a word processing program like Writer.

I’m forever wanting something that isn’t actually for a mailing… I’m just looking to have a document that is set up as a sheet of labels that are already broken into the correct size. They’re ready for me to put information in them, and they will print perfectly onto the sheet of labels I have available to me.

In other programs I would usually find the place to create the file in the Tools menu or maybe under something about mailings, but that’s not where to find the setting in OpenOffice.org Writer…

So if I’m not going to find what I need in either of those locations, where exactly is it?

Good question and I’ve got a super simple answer…

You’ll find it under the File menu. Yeah, I know, not exactly where we think to look first, but that’s where they put it, so we’re off to the File menu.


Once there, you need the New sub-menu, Label choice.

The Labels dialog box will open looking like this:


The box at the top will let you input information that will be placed on every label in the sheet, or you can leave it blank to create a blank page of them for individual use.

At the bottom of the Labels tab is where all the good stuff is found.

The first time you look through this list, you’ll realize that the original authors of the program were German, but stick with it, I’m sure you’ll find what you need.

You have a drop-down list of label brands to choose from, as well as one for the type of label.

Choose the brand and label type and click the New Document button. (Before you click the New Document button you might want to verify that you have the correct label size with the information that will pop up on the bottom of the dialog box.)

Voila! A brand new file with a blank sheet of labels all set up and ready to go.

~ April