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Create and Move Folders in Windows Explorer

Libraries is a place in Windows 7, located on your taskbar that contains Music, Videos, Documents, Pictures and other files. If it’s not already showing on your taskbar, simply click the Start button, then select Computer.

To make a new folder inside a Library, click the Libraries icon (the one that looks like a folder), pinned to your taskbar. After the Libraries window has opened, double click the Documents Library Icon, or any other Library you want to enter. Your Library may be different from mine, depending on the way your Libraries are organized.


Right click anywhere inside the Documents Library window. Hover your cursor over New, and click on Folder, or click the New Folder button in the toolbar at the top of the Documents Library window.



After the folder has been created, type a name in the field.


Move a folder to the Library

Wherever the folder you’d like to move is located, the instructions below should help you to move it where you want.

If your folder is on your USB or flash drive and you would like to move it to a Library on your hard drive, follow these steps.

First, locate your flash drive, by clicking Start, then click on Computer. Find the device and locate the folder you want to move. Keep this window open.

Then, open the Libraries in another window. Drag the folder from the USB / flash drive or wherever it is located and drop it in to the Documents Library. It will then appear in the Documents Library. You may have to scroll a little bit to find it.

If you follow these steps for folders within your computer, they will be moved from the original location to the new one. However, if you move one from your flash drive to your computer, it will remain in your flash drive and be copied to its new location.

Congratulations, you’re all done!

~Tweety Dimes