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Creating Duplicates in OpenOffice Writer with Drag and Drop

OpenOffice.org Writer: Creating Duplicates of Selected Text With a Simple Drag and Drop

When you’re looking to duplicate something in an OpenOffice.org Writer document how, do you accomplish the task?

Let me guess… you select it, copy it then move to the new location and paste it… am I right?

What if you could accomplish the same thing in a much more efficient manner?

Would you want to know how?

Why, of course you would… who wouldn’t want to know an extra tidbit that has such possibilities?

So let’s talk about how to accomplish this little feat.

Poof! An exact duplicate in a new location without a whole lot of effort.

Oh, and as an added bonus you can use this trick on drawing objects, graphics and tables.

Many uses, one key… it doesn’t get any easier than that!

~ April