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Create Folders and Subfolders with Astro File Manager

In some previous Android phone versions, access to – and the creation of – folders was built-in, but in version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), this access was severely curtailed by developers who apparently determined that users were no longer sophisticated enough to manage folder navigation and creation. For ICS owners handicapped by the developers’ decision, there’s Astro File Manager, the basics of which were covered in an earlier article (click here [1]). An option that wasn’t examined in that article was the creation of folders and subfolders; something as advantageous on a phone as it is on a computer. For example, if you’d like to create folders within the Pictures folder, to separate family photos, pet photos, etc., subfolders can be generated for this purpose, making everything easier to locate. For this article, a new folder was created, and subfolders were added within that folder, but subfolders can also be added to existing folders.

Note: Mistakes can cause files or folders to be deleted accidentally, or inadvertently tapping the wrong button can create an even more serious problem. Since Android phones don’t include a recycle bin from which files can be recovered, please be careful.

To begin, open Astro and tap the Manage My Files button.


Then, scroll across the function buttons at the top, tap New, and name the folder (directory).



Open the newly created folder and–once again–tap New, and name the subfolder.



Any number of subfolders can be created; into which files can be added or moved (moving files will be covered in an upcoming article).


Once photo, image, or video folders are created, and files have been added, the Android Gallery will recognize them as new Albums.


Upon learning that the decision to restrict access was (apparently) intended to protect users from their own mistakes, I was reminded of the lyrics from a Gang of Four song, “Save me from the people who would save me from myself…” With Astro, I enjoy more control, and am willing to accept the consequences of that control.

Astro File Manager can be found here [2].