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Create Icons to Open and Close Your CD Rom Drive

Posted By admin On August 31, 2010 @ 2:35 PM In Desktop Enhancement,Hardware & Peripherals,Shortcuts & Keyboard Tricks | 1 Comment

Here is a short tutorial on how you can eject or close your CD ROM using desktop shortcuts. Opening or closing the CD tray using these shortcuts can help you out if you have a faulty eject button on your CD ROM drive. You will never need to open windows explorer and right-click the CD ROM drive and then press eject. These two shortcuts will make your tasks easier.
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So here is how we can create the two shortcuts. First we will create two different shortcuts; one for opening and another for closing the tray. Next we will assign hot keys to them so that we can use them just by pressing a key combination on our keyboard. In the final step, we will add two icons to the shortcuts to make them look meaningful.

Create a Desktop Shortcut to Open the CD Rom Tray

1. Download NirCmd [1] and save it anywhere on your hard disk. For ease of use, let’s suppose we have it in the folder Nirsoft on drive C. So the path to the nircmd.exe file is C:\Nirsoft\nircmd.exe.

NOTE: The package downloaded will be a zip file. So you will need a zip tool to unzip it. If you have any zip tool already installed on your PC, you can use that, or you can try 7-Zip, which is a free tool. Download 7-Zip here [2].

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2. Right click on any empty space on your desktop and choose New and then Shortcut.

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3. Now in the Create Shortcut dialog box, you will find a location box where you will need to type the filepath and argument. Type the path to nircmd.exe. For our case it is C:\Nirsoft\nircmd.exe. Along with this, also type cdrom open J: (where J: is the drive letter for my CD-ROM drive). So the complete command to be written is C:\Nirsoft\nircmd.exe cdrom open J:.

NOTE: Make sure you enter the right filepath.

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4. Now in the next step, you will be asked to enter a name for the shortcut. Choose whatever is meaningful to you. I am calling it Open CD Tray. After you are done, press Finish. You will now see the new shortcut on your desktop.

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5. Once the shortcut is created, you can move it anywhere you want, or you can simply keep it on your desktop. Double clicking it will eject your CD drive.

Create a Desktop Shortcut to Close the CD Rom Tray

This part is similar to the previous procedure, with only a few changes. I will be describing it with reference to the previous process.

1. Skip Step1 and proceed to Step2.

2. Now in Step3, replace cdrom open with cdrom close. Please keep all the other arguments the same. So now the final argument and filepath becomes C:\Nirsoft\nircmd.exe cdrom close J:.

3. Now in Step4, give the shortcut a meaningful name. I am using the name Close CD Tray. Double clicking the newly created shortcut will close your CD Drive tray.

Assign Hotkeys and Icons to the Shortcuts

Creating Hotkeys:

Hotkeys are key combinations that can help you open a shortcut (like the one we just created) or applications more easily. It is like keyboard shortcuts. For example, Windows Key + E opens the windows explorer. Now for the ease of access of the two shortcuts (we just created to open and close CD ROM drive) we will be creating hotkeys for them.

1. Right click on the icon and choose Properties.

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2. Now go to the tab named Shortcut. There is a field named Shortcut Key.

3. Now to enter a shortcut, press down the Ctrl key and enter any function key (F keys). I will be choosing F6. So now my shortcut is Ctrl + F6 (Refer Screenshot).

4. Now press Apply and then OK to save the changes.

Choosing Icons:

Now that we have two useful shortcuts to eject and retract CD ROM tray let us make them look good. We will now choose two icons for them. Let me show you how to do that.

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1. Right click on the icon and choose Properties.

2. Now again go to the tab named Shortcut. Now you will see a button named Change Icon. Click it.

3. An alert may show up. Press OK and proceed to the next step.

4. A window with default Windows icons will show up. Choose any that fits your need and press OK.

5. You will return to the previous Properties dialog. Press Apply and then OK to save the changes.

Now you have two nice looking icons on your desktop using which you can close or open your CD ROM tray.

~Soumen Halder

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