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Create Your Own Icon

Have you ever wanted to create your own icon for your desktop? Maybe you’re tired of all the pre-installed boring ones and you think it’s time for a change. Well, you’re in luck, because this article will help you create your very own icon. You’ll no longer have to use the ones that are available by default in Windows.

Just follow the steps below to create your own icon.

In XP, open the Paint program [1] by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint. In Vista and Windows 7, just type paint into Start search and click on the Paint link.

In Paint, select Attributes from the Image menu.


In the Attributes dialog box, change both the Width and the Height to 32 and select Pixels in the Units section.


You’ll notice that the height and the width of the screen reduced to 32 pixels will appear very tiny in the window. That is going to be the size of your icon. For easier viewing and editing, in the View menu, click on Zoom and Custom. Here, 800% is checked. Makes it much easier to see. Now, go ahead and draw whatever you’d like your icon to be in the Paint program.


When you’re finished, save the file by going to File, and select Save or Save As. Go ahead and give your file a name, but make sure it’s formatted with the .ico extension (.ico is for an icon file). For example, save it as Icon.ico.


Now, set the Save as Type to be a 24-bit bitmap (*.bmp; *.dib) and then store it in any convenient folder.

There you have it! You have created our own icon. Now, let’s see how you can replace the Windows default with your creation.

To do this:

Right click anywhere on your Desktop.

Select New and then from the submenu, select Folder.

A folder named New Folder will be created on your desktop. (You can change this name if you want. Just right click on it and choose Rename).

Next, right click on the new folder and select Properties.

Click on the Customize tab. Click the Change Icon button under the Folder icons menu. In the Change Icon dialog box, click on Browse and select the .ico file from your folder. Then click OK for the changes to take effect.



Now you can see the icon you created. It will automatically replace the default icon.


It’s not only for your folders; you can also use it for any files, shortcuts, etc. Now, you can go and create any number of icons and replace all of your files and folders, if you choose.

Go ahead and give it a try and see how it works, but most importantly, have fun!

~ M. Nagarajan