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Create your own shortcut keys

Here at Worldstart we love to tell you about keyboard shortcuts, but today we’re going to switch it up and just tell you how create your own key combinations to open programs. Sounds cool, no?

So do this:

Right-Click on a program that you want to create a shortcut key combination for and select “Properties”.

Make sure you’re under the Shortcut tab and put your mouse cursor in the box next to “Shortcut key”.


Now choose any combination using the Ctrl, Alt, and/or Shift keys plus an alphanumeric keyboard character and click Apply.

So, For example; if I want to open Photoshop, I would input something like “Ctrl+Shift+P” as my key combination. Now whenever I press it, Photoshop will open for me!

Be careful, though, because some key combinations may already be spoken for! If that’s the case, just try something different!