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Create Your Own Style

Create Your Own Style

You’ve probably thought about changing the layout of one of your favorite Web sites at one time or another, right? Many of us have and I know for sure that I have! Along with that, you may have wanted to remove a sidebar, change the colors or maybe even get rid of some of those annoying ads. But, there has never really been an easy way to do this. That is, until now. If you use Firefox, you can start using their amazing extensions to get the job done. And lucky for you, that’s what I’m going to show you today!

The extension is called Stylish and it allows you to download styles developed by people just like you. Are you ready to get stylin’?! Then let’s go!

1.) First, visit this link and then click the green Install Now button.

2.) A box will appear. When the Install Now button becomes active, click it.

3.) The extensions window will open and the Stylish extension will install. Another window will then appear. In order to complete the Stylish installation, you need to restart Firefox. So, click the Restart Firefox button to do so.

4.) When you have it opened back up, look in the lower right hand corner of the window. You’ll see an icon that looks like this: That means that Stylish is running successfully.

5.) Now, you need to download styles to put on your page. To visit the gallery, click here.

6.) If you find one you are interested in, click on it. One that grabbed my eye was the Gmail Brushed Look Style. I have always found the Gmail interface to be very plain, so I thought it would give me a fresh outlook.

7.) When I clicked on it, this page appeared:

8.) Here you can read more about it and depending on the creator, see a preview of it. If you decide to definitely use the style, click the button that says Load Into Stylish.

9.) The box below will then appear. All you have to do is click Save.

Next time you visit the site, you should be able to see the changes. Check out how this one looked:

Pretty cool, huh?! If you are looking for styles for a specific Web site, go to the site and right click the Stylish icon in the lower right hand corner. Then click on the option of Find Styles for this Page. To manage your styles, select Manage Styles from the menu. Here you can delete and edit your styles. But, of course, that’s not all!

Stylish offers global and app styles as well. Global styles are styles that are applied to all Web sites or a certain group of Web sites. Here is the link for the gallery of global styles if you want to check them out. Application styles are styles that are applied to Mozilla applications, such as Firefox, Flock and Thunderbird. They let you change things you can’t necessarily do with the themes. They also let you change the layout like never before, with little tweaks to the interface. You can check out the app styles here.

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoy this one and also, be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s newsletter, as we go a little further into this fun experiment!

~ Neil Patel