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Create Your Own Superhero

Create Your Own Superhero [1]

Have you ever wanted to design your own super hero? I’m geeky enough to admit that I have! Do you have kids who are gaga for comics? This could be a fun way for them to spend a snowy afternoon this winter.

To get started, click the begin button. Next you’ll need to select the base for your super hero. I was a little disappointed that there was only one female base, but what can you do? Once you’ve selected your hero base, you’ll be whisked away to start personalizing it!

On the left side of the page you’ll find all your options for customization. At the top of the left side menu, there are hero packs – these allow you to create your super hero in the image of a popular character (Iron Man, Wolverine, Elektra, etc.). Beneath those you can go through each category to make a unique super hero of your own. Your options for customization are: skin types, head, upper body, lower body, and accessory.

The area next to the side menu is where all your options to pick from will appear, as well as the place to name your super hero, and the color palette to color your hero. You have two coloring options, and two coloring tools. Your coloring options are to select colors from a palette, or from swatches. The tools are a fill tool – you’ll use that to actually color your super hero, and an erase tool – in case you put color where you don’t want it.

Once you’ve finished creating your super hero, you have four options: you can e-mail it to a friend, print it out (you could print blank ones out for coloring book options – just create it and then color everything with white), download, and save.

With a variety of options, there are a ton of different super heroes that you can make! Check this one out today and pass it along to your super hero and comic book loving friends!

http://marvel.com/games/play/31/create_your_own_superhero [1]