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Critical Security Warning: Safari for Windows

Critical Security Warning: Safari for Windows

If you’ve been reading WorldStart’s newsletters for the last few months, you probably already know about the newest Web browser for Windows called Safari. Safari is a browser made by Apple that has been used on Mac computers for several years and it is now available for Windows as well. Personally, I really like Safari and I have used it from time to time on my Windows computer with no trouble at all. But recently, a major flaw was found in Safari that has heightened my awareness whenever I use it.

Just a couple of days ago, Microsoft announced that a security hole was found in the Safari browser that could put all users at risk. It seems that a combination of security issues in Safari, along with a flaw in Internet Explorer, could allow a hacker to run programs on your computer without your permission. Even more, the bug deploys an attack called “carpet bombing,” which fills your desktop with executable files that carry viruses. If you accidentally run one of those files while trying to delete it, your computer would instantly become infected.

This attack can be triggered by going to a maliciously crafted Web site while using Safari. Once the page is loaded, the executable file will start piling up and after that, the flaw in Internet Explorer can be used to run those files and take over your system.

At this time, Microsoft has issued a warning about the security hole and they’re currently working on a patch for the Internet Explorer portion. Apple has stated that they are aware of the issue, but they have not released a statement about a fix for Safari as of yet.

As it stands right now, it’s best to stay away from Safari until the patches have been released. Hopefully, that will happen soon so that you can go back to your normal browsing habits with Safari. Until next time, stay safe out there, my friends!

~ Gary