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Cropped Pictures In Word 2010 Don’t Save

Betty from Aledo, TX writes:

I frequently download graphics and photos then crop them to use in my Word 2010 documents. I would like to save just the cropped version and do not need to be able to “uncrop” or restore them to their originals later. Is there a way to save the document with just the reformatted version of my graphic?


I am not 100% sure which way your question is directed so I’ll address both possibilities: If you’re cropping the photo inside of Word and the original image still exists or if you’re cropping the photo outside of Word but the original image isn’t edited, just a copy cropped version saved.

Cropping Inside of Word:

If you’re inserting a photo by using the insert tab and using Word’s built-in crop tool, your original picture file will not be altered. Word saves the image as part of the document, so once you’re done cropping and saving your document, you can go back to Windows Explorer and right-click the original picture file and click delete to get rid of it.

Cropping Outside of Word:

If you are using a photo editing program to crop your file before inserting it into Word, you may be saving a copy instead of overwriting the original file. When you’re done cropping your image in the image editing program. click File then Save As, click on the original image file and click Save. A box will come up prompting you to overwrite or replace the original, click Yes. Now when you insert the image into your word document, both the original image file and the one saved into your word document will be the same.