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Cruising Around Your Charts

Cruising Around Your Charts

Use Excel charts?

Find it difficult to select just the “right” portion of your chart? Or, maybe you’ve got the opposite problem. You can select portions easily, but you can’t seem to easily select the whole thing? Tired of the mis-clicks?

Whatever your selection problems may be, you just might find a solution if you give these a try.

Let’s begin big. To select the entire chart, try Ctrl + a click on the chart.

Now, to the smaller details. To select a specific section of the chart, give this little trick a whirl. First click anywhere in the chart, then use the arrow keys.

Use the up / down arrows to quick flip between the major components of the charts (such as the chart area, plot area, data series, etc).

If you need to get to specific details within an area (maybe a single bar within the data series), switch to the left / right arrows once you’ve gotten to the correct major area. You’ll then find that the selection begins to go into the details of that area.

At last, a way to select chart pieces without a bunch of mis-clicks!

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