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Ctrl+Enter in PowerPoint

Ever find yourself frustrated while working in MS PowerPoint as you jump back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse? You know, as you move from text box to text box.

Let me clarify. You’re working on a slide with a couple of text boxes and a title box, but you’re tired of jumping between the mouse and the keyboard every time you want to move to the next text box.

Looking for some relief?

Then give this quick key combination a try.

When you’re ready to move from one text box to the next, use Ctrl + Enter.

Quick as can be, you’ll be moved from your current place to the next text box.

At the end of the slide?

Want another one of the same setup?

Hit Ctrl + Enter again and poof!

You’ve got a brand new slide (of the same layout), placed next in your slideshow.

Just one more trick to add to your ever growing list in your quest to go mouseless!

~ April