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Cupcake Bakeshop

I have a real weakness for cupcakes. They’re just the perfect portion of cake for me. When I was growing up my mom would make us birthday cakes from scratch, frosting and all, but the slices were always too big and I couldn’t finish them in one sitting. Then she introduced us to cupcakes, and I’ve been sold ever since. Now that I’m off having my own culinary adventures, cupcakes are a favorite of mine to make to try new flavors and combinations, so when I discovered this site – it was like I died and went to cupcake heaven!

The site is easy to navigate because it is setup blog style. Just scroll down the page and view one amazing cupcake recipe after another. There are so many I want to try out!  Most of the blog posts are cupcake recipes, but there is a great post on baking in bulk two-to-three pages in that you definitely want to check out if you ever do event baking. I bake all the time for bakes sales at school and the advice in that post is going to become priceless to me.

You can also browse the cupcakes by clicking Browse Cupcakes on the right side menu. This will let you see the recipes by the following categorization – fresh, fruity, spicy, rich, or other. This is helpful if you’re looking for a particular kind of cupcake to try out or you’re just feeling overwhelmed by all the cupcake goodness of viewing the recipes blog style.

On the right side menu you can also find links to the About section – where you can learn all about the author of the site. You’ll also find a Basics and Troubleshooting, Basic Equpiment, and FAQ sections.  All of which are immensely helpful in managing any difficulties you might come across while baking.

What are you waiting for? Go check out these amazing cupcakes today! Pick out a recipe and then bake away!

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