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Curiosity Cam

I can’t begin to express my excitement over Curiosity successfully deploying on Mars – there just aren’t enough words! I mean it’s Mars!


It’s like every nerdy science-fiction-of-the-future dream come true! We’re exploring Mars! See what I mean? I just can’t contain myself. I knew that I had to share Curiosity Cam with you because it has had my rapt attention since the sixth of August.

Navigation is easy – there is a main video window with a menu of other videos to the right.  If you scroll down the video menu, you’ll find a View All link that you can click to be taken to the full list of videos. There are six pages of videos at the moment. To watch the most recent video or the live stream just click play on the video. 

Beneath the video you’ll find information about the mission, an excellent FAQ for Curiosity, and any news updates about the mission.   

I’m not going to detain you any longer, go dive into those videos! 

http://www.ustream.tv/NASAJPL [1]