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Custom Boarders in Word 2007

Do you use tables in MS Word 2007?

I know that I do quite frequently and I find that I’m always trying to create some sort of custom border combination using the Borders and Shading dialog window.

It’s a good way – at least it’s the way we’re used to using – but with Word 2007 at your fingertips maybe there’s an easier way to create custom borders…

Today I was working on a table in Word 2007. I was looking to create a custom border situation on the left side of each cell only. The first column I did this with using the Borders and Shading dialog window worked perfectly.

Then, when I moved on to the next column… of course it didn’t cooperate. It was changing more than just the left border. What a pain!

Now, I know that there was a fix but it wasn’t presenting itself quickly enough to please me. It was at that moment that I noticed a section on the Table Tools, Design tab labeled as Draw Borders.


So, of course I began experimenting.

What I found is that I could set the border type, color, etc… right there in that section then move to my table and draw over an existing border to change it.

On the left side of the section set a border style, weight or color and you’re ready to customize.

Yep – draw them just like you would draw a whole table – the mouse pointer even turns into the familiar pencil that we see whenever we draw a table.

The pencil pointer will easily click and drag straight down an already drawn cell edge (without sliding a few degrees to make it tilted) or you could drag it in a new location creating both the custom border and the new cell(s) simultaneously.

Use the Esc key to go back to the usual document editing mode.

Voila! It’s that easy.

If you use Word 2007 tables and are constantly changing those initial borders – then you’ve got to give this one a try!

~ April