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Customize Outlook Navigation Pane

If you’re a big users of the Navigation Pane in MS Outlook then you may have, at one time or another, wished that they had consulted you about the order of the buttons.

I’m sure that we all use the Mail button the most but right after that you’ll find the Calendar, then Contacts, Tasks and so on…

But what if that order isn’t what’s most efficient for you?

Maybe you would like to have the Tasks just below the Mail then the Calendar…

Is it even possible to customize Outlook so much that you can even set the order of the Navigation Pane sections?

Yep – you bet! Why else would I have brought it up?

Anyway, here’s what you need to know:

First, right-click on the bottom portion of the Navigation Pane and choose Navigation Pane Options.


When the dialog box opens you can actually control a couple of things.


With a quick click to uncheck a button you’ll remove it completely from the Navigation Pane.

And, when you select a button name the Move Up and Move Down buttons will become active. Use these to change the order that the buttons will be displayed.

When you’re satisfied that everything is as you wish it click OK.

Voila! The Navigation Pane now presents your buttons your way.