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Customize Your Browser Toolbar

Does your web browser toolbar include buttons you never need? How would you like to slim down your buttons? Or maybe you want to add some buttons for commonly used functions such as “Full Screen” or “Print Preview”? Well, today I’m gonna show you how.

With Internet Explorer all you need to do is right click an empty area of the toolbar at the top of your browser and select “Customize”.

You’ll find a list of options you can add on the left and ones currently there that you can remove on the right.


To add a button simply highlight it on the left-hand list and click the “Add” button.

To remove a button, highlight it on the right-side list and click “Remove”.

You can also change the order that buttons appear by moving them up and down the list.

With Firefox you do the same thing: right click the toolbar and choose “Customize”.

You’ll get a list of items that can be added to the toolbar.


Just click and drag the items you want to where you want them on the toolbar.

Play around with the possibilities. If you mess up, just click the “Restore Default Settings” button to put it all back the way it was.

It’s so nice to have control over the look of my browser.

~ David