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Customizing The Recently Used File List

Customizing The Recently Used File List

So, now that you know what the list is, are you interested in learning what kind of control you can exert over that list?


Then let’s get started.

To find the settings for the Recently Used File List you’ll need to go to the Tools menu, Options choice.

The Options window will open and you’re looking for the General tab.


On this tab you need to locate the line labeled as “Recently used file list:”. (In each program the items on the tab are set up a bit differently—but take a look, it’s there.)

You basically have 2 choices with this feature.

The first choice is whether you want a Recently Used File List at all.

If you uncheck the option you’ll have no list on the File menu.

Keeping the item checked will have the program continue to display the file names.

The second choice, assuming you choose to have a list displayed, is how many files you want listed.

You should have noticed the number field at the end of the name.


This is the number of file names the program should display. You can set this number to anything between 1 and 9. (The default is 4.)

If you have a lot of files you access on a regular basis then you’ll want to move this number up.

Once you’ve made your decision, click OK.

(If you made the number larger than the default 4 you won’t see the new number of files until you’ve opened and closed enough to fill the new list size.)

And that’s it!

You now have the “know how” to take control of your list—the power’s in your hands.

~ April