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Cut vs. Delete & Backspace

Ever wonder what the difference was between these ways to remove information from your document, presentation, worksheet or whatever?

For that matter, is there a difference?

I mean, really, when I use Ctrl + x (cut) or the delete key or the backspace key I get the same result… the information is gone.

Well, while you may not realize it there is a difference as to how the program will treat the information when it’s removed from your file.

And… while it’s not the be-all, end-all of working in your files, it is very helpful to know the difference if you want to save yourself time and a headache or two.

The big difference is that a cut will remove the information and place it on the clipboard. Which obviously means that you can access it and place it in other locations – the information isn’t gone it’s just being stored in the clipboard.

Moving on to the delete and backspace, these just remove the information. Poof – it’s gone. (Unless you use a quick undo to get it back.) If you select some information and use the backspace or delete key you won’t find it stored on the clipboard.

And there you have it – the real difference lies in your intent for the information…

Need the information elsewhere? Use the cut feature.

Is it time to send the information into oblivion? Then use the delete or backspace key.