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Cute-a-Rater [1]

Animals are adorable! Welcome to Cute-a-Rater, a fun site devoted to picking the cutest animal! It’s easy to use, just click the vote for button underneath the image you want to vote for.

By default, it is set to All Pets, but you can change it so you are only viewing one type of animal, by clicking on Dog, Cat, Fish, Horse, Reptile, Bird, or Small Pet (think hamsters and ferrets).

Do you think you have the cutest pet? Well, you can enroll your pet in the Cute-a-Rater by clicking the Enroll Your Pet button just above the category listing for viewing. You’ll have to register for the site, or login with your Facebook ID. They make it easy to register from right on the pop up, just click the Join Us button. Then fill out the short form, and you’re good to go and submit a photo of your pet!

I hope you’re ready for a ton of cute!

http://www.zootoo.com/cutearater/ [1]