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Cute Creatures Great And Small

Welcome to Cute Creatures Great and Small  – a site devoted to bringing you pictures and videos of adorable animals. I found this site via my Facebook feed where someone posted this video of a very happy platypus. [1] It was so adorable that I had to go check out the site it came from and I almost exploded from the cute I discovered. 

Setup as a Tumblr blog, all you have to do is scroll down the page to view the content and then use the Previous or Next buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate onward. As you scroll down you’ll notice that there is a Search field right after the images to subscribe on YouTube, Facebook, and Google +. You can use the field to Search for animals by name, so if you were looking for the platypus video I saw, you’d just type in platypus and press enter and it would bring up all the entries featuring the platypus.

I totally subscribed on YouTube to get the latest videos as soon as they get put up. If you have Tumblr, you can totally follow their blog in order to get their updates on your dashboard feed.

If you like cute creatures then you have to check out this site today!  

http://www.cutecreaturesgreatandsmall.com/ [2]