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Cyber Czar

It seems that computer security issues are affecting everyone these days. Even government organizations like the FBI and the office of the president have been afflicted with viruses and data theft. President Obama recently admitted that during his campaign, his office’s computers were infected and critical campaign information was stolen! This just shows that anyone can be a victim of cyber crime; not just regular folks like you and me.

So, what can be done about this? Until just recently, there was no official government office in charge of data security. Thankfully, this is all about to change. Just a couple days ago, the president announced the creation of a new data security post. The position, called the cyber czar, will soon be active and will hopefully make some positive progress toward securing the country, and in turn, everyone within it from cyber crime.

At this time the exact role of the position has not been completely disclosed, but soon we’ll know what the US government will do about Internet security in the United States. Many people, including me, think that this position should have been created long ago. Security issues with data have been a huge issue in private and public roles throughout this country. If this position has any effect at all on Internet security issues, it will be a welcome change to the current technological landscape.

In the big picture, this position will most likely be in charge of securing important government data and not so much for people like you and me. Even if that is the case, securing the private data of US citizens that lies in government hands is something that everyone will benefit from. Just imagine if someone broke into the social security administration’s data. This would be a disaster! As things sit now, this could be a very real threat. Hopefully a cyber czar is the right answer.

Until next time, stay safe out there!