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I’m sure you’ve all probably heard of this term in passing, but have you ever been given an exact definition of it? I mean, I know we’ve mentioned it a lot in some of our other tips, but we’ve never written a tip solely on what cyberspace is. So, that’s what I thought I would do for you today. Here we go!

Basically, cyberspace is the word that is used to describe the virtual world of computers. The best way to think about it is to picture a piece of data floating around in a computer system. That block of data is like an object in space, but in this case, we’re dealing with computers. Cyberspace also now extends to the global network of computers, which can be thought of in terms of an e-mail. When you send an e-mail to a friend, you send it through cyberspace until it reaches their computer. That’s just how it’s done!

The term “cyberspace” is credited to William Gibson circa 1984. He mentioned the word in his book entitled Neuromancer. The word doesn’t really have an objective definition, but you at least now know the basics of it. Also, keep in mind that cyberspace is one word that is used too often in the computer world, so it’s best to use it sparingly. But either way, now you know when to use it correctly. And there you have it. Another word you can mark off your list of “Words I Don’t Know.” Oh yeah!

~ Erin