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Daemon Tools Lite

Have you ever purchased software on a CD, installed it on your computer and ran it, only to find that you have to keep the disk in for it to work right?

I hate that!

Well, today I have found a free program that will solve that little problem forever! The program is called Daemon Tools Lite, and it allows you to create virtual drives so you never have to hunt down those pesky disks!

I love how easy this program is to use! After installing DTL, you can simply open the tools panel and choose “disk imaging“. From there, point the program to your troublesome, required CD ROM and have it start copying. Daemon Tools Lite will create an exact image of the disk so you can use it whenever you want without having to actually insert the CD ever again!

Here’s a quick shot of the toolbar. It sits above your start menu so it doesn’t get in the way:


Daemon Tools will create up to 4 virtual drives at once, but you can swap images between them for truly unlimited virtual disks at your disposal. Instead of having to hunt down a disk, just click the “mount’n’drive manager” and select the disk you want to use. Its as simple as that!

If you want to download Daemon Tools Lite, you can get it right here for free [1]