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Data Range Reduction or Increase

Data Range Reduction or Increase

Have you ever found yourself looking at a range of data in MS Excel, wishing for an easy way to increase or decrease all their values by the same factor or amount?

Maybe each value must be reduced by 10 percent or maybe each one must be increased by a constant amount.

Whatever your situation, I’m sure you’d like a quick and easy way to make the adjustments you need.

First of all, forget the idea of adjusting each cell manually (unless you need different adjustments made to each piece of data) and banish the thought of writing a formula somewhere linked to the range and creating a whole new set of data.

That’s just too much wasted energy and time!

So, the next time you find yourself in this situation, give this little trick a try.

In an empty cell, enter the amount by which you need to alter the data. That is, the amount to be added or subtracted from each piece of data or the percent of the data that should remain in the cell after the adjustment. For example, if you want to add 5 to each piece of data, enter 5 into a cell. If you want to reduce all the values by 20 percent, enter 0.8 in the cell, because 80 percent of the data will be left after the 20 percent reduction. If you want to increase each piece of data by 15 percent, enter 1.15 into a cell (the 1 for the original amount and the .15 for the increase). You get the idea!

Once you’ve entered your alteration amount, select the cell and copy the information.

Next, you need to highlight the range of data to be altered.

Right click and select Paste Special (Edit menu, Paste Special choice or for the Excel 2007 Home ribbon, click the down arrow on the Paste button and choose Paste Special).

In the Paste Special window, you’re looking for the Operation section.

Choose the operation you’re looking to apply (Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide).

Click OK.


The old data from the range is gone and in its place is the altered version you have been waiting for. That’s right, no creating new data sets or formulas for you!

~ April