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Have you ever heard of datagrams? It’s not a term that comes around too often, so you may not have, but you won’t be able to say that anymore, because I’m here to tell you what they are! The easiest way to understand datagrams is to think of them as a type of communication that is used within the Internet.

Datagrams are often referred to as packets as well and they are just a small piece of data that is assigned a source and a destination for all Internet transfers. Each one is completely self contained and they have no relationship with any others before or after them. While most networking communications are done through streams, the Internet uses datagrams.

The datagrams also work with the TCP Protocol, while a utility called a packet decoder is used to evaluate individual packets within an Internet operation. With that connected to the TCP Protocol knowledge, the Internet features are able to put together a network operation. All of this goes into making the Internet work for you.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it?!

~ Erin