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Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels

Ever since I wrote the tip about stuck pixels, I’ve gotten questions from several readers about the difference between those and dead pixels. Is there a difference? Well, as a matter of fact, there is. Before you go any further, read here to find out what a stuck pixel is first. That will help you in understanding this tip a lot more. Okay, once you’ve read that, you may proceed!

The main difference that comes along with a dead pixel is that there is a part of your screen that is completely unlit. (On the other hand and as you read, a stuck pixel is either more bright or dull than the rest). So, when you have a dead pixel, the rest of your screen will look normal except for one space that is completely dark. This can happen with LCD screens, as well as, some sensors in digital cameras.

Most dead pixels are only clearly noticeable if you have a solid color for the background of your desktop. Otherwise, you might not even know they’re there. Also, just for your information, if you have a pixel that is completely white all the time, that is called a hot pixel. Either way, if you have one dead pixel or even a cluster of them, you can always send your screen back to the manufacturer for a fix or a new one. And to be honest, they’re too annoying to deal with otherwise!

~ Erin