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Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph is an interesting photo site where people take a photo of themselves holding an old photo over a similar location and then provide a caption for it. The entries are so poignant and endearing that I knew I wanted to share this site with you. 

Navigation is easy, just scroll down the page and when you reach the bottom use either the page numbers or the next arrows to look at the previous posts. I love the concept of the photos, but what I love even more are the cherished memories and glimpses into other people’s worlds. You’ll read about their special moments [1], their relationships with their family [2], and even their re-connection with their childhood self [3]

Do you want to participate? Well then find the photo you want to photograph, and head over to the Submit link on the left side menu. A form will pop up and ask for your name, e-mail address, caption, and the story behind the photo. Fill that out then click Choose File, and locate where you saved the photo on your computer, select the photo, and then click the Submit button. Make sure you click the link for the Terms of Submission to make sure your photo and story meet the guidelines. 

There’s not much else to say about this site, the photos really speak for themselves, go check them out!

http://dearphotograph.com/ [4]