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December 2007 Updates

December 2007 Updates

Several of you have been asking about the Windows updates for the month of December, so I thought you might like a little overview of them. The updates should have come across your computer earlier this week (either Tuesday or Wednesday), but it’s still nice to know what was changed on your computer and that’s exactly what I’m going to cover today. So, whether you’ve updated your computer already or not, this tip will give you some very valuable information. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got!

First of all, Microsoft’s security bulletin for this month included seven updates, three of which were categorized as “critical” and four were designated as “important.” Also, five of the flaws that were found affected Windows Vista, so if you use Vista, it’s very important that you get these updates as soon as possible. In the mix, there is a cumulative update for Internet Explorer and patches for the Windows Kernel, DirectX, Macrovision and the Windows Media File format. On the other hand, there are no updates for MS Office this month, so if you were looking for one, don’t think you missed out!

Each update is a little different and they may not all apply to you, so instead of going over each one individually, you can go to this Web site for a full detailed description of each flaw. Once you get there, scroll down a little bit and then click on the Critical link to see the critical updates and click on the Important link to see the rest. Now, if the updates haven’t come through on your computer yet and you want to get them right away, you can do so right here. They seem to hit different computers at different times, so I’m sure they’ll show up, but if you don’t want to wait, just use that link instead. Either way, once you run the updates, your computer will be fully secure for at least another month. Yes!

~ Erin