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Well the weather is finally taking a turn towards spring here in Ohio, which has me thinking about Spring Cleaning. And when I think of Spring Cleaning, I also think about what I can declutter. There’s only so much space at our house and there are things that we’re not regularly using like CDs, DVDs, and games. 

We seem to watch a DVD once and then never again, so it’ll probably be a good idea for us to declutter them, and there are lots of games for the XBox that we’re not playing anymore that we can get rid of. 

This site makes it really easy to get rid of CDs, DVDs, and games that are just hanging around your house not being used. On the main page it shows you the steps you need to take to declutter your unwanted items and get cash for them! 

Enter the bar codes on your item (making sure to include the numbers on the very outer edges of the UPC), up to 500 of them, then you get the shipping label and send them off in the mail for free, they receive your stuff process it and cut you a check.  Want more information? Then check out the How It Works [1] page. 

I really like that you can scan your bar codes using a web cam or by downloading the  free app for iPhone or Android! 

Start getting rid of stuff you don’t use today with Decluttr! 

http://www.decluttr.com/ [2]