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Definition: Computer Crash


Tell me, has your computer ever “crashed” on you? Now, tell me, was it really a computer crash or was it something else? It’s hard to be completely sure what constitutes as a computer crash, but don’t worry too much, because you’re not alone.

Basically, a “computer crash” occurs whenever a program (one that’s either an application you’ve installed on your PC or one that’s part of your operating system) is unable to perform its regular operations. A crash happens when the program just completely stops performing its intended function, along with failing to respond to other parts of the system as well. When this happens, the program you’re using may appear to just “freeze up,” but if that application is an integral part of the operating system, it may cause your whole system to fail.

A computer crash can be caused by several different things. Whether it’s failed instructions or miscommunication between certain parts of the program, a computer crash is not something you want to go through on a regular basis. Also, just for your information, this term goes by the name of “system crash” as well.