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Delete Google Chrome History

Posted By On June 25, 2010 @ 12:08 PM In Using The Internet | No Comments

Barry from Pittsburgh, PA. asks:

I recently installed Google Chrome. I have been surfing the internet a lot and I can’t seem to find where you delete the browsing history. Any ideas?

I know what you mean, Barry. Every time I install something new, there is always something I don’t know how to do – or where to find how to do it.

It’s pretty easy to delete your browsing history from Chrome. Here’s how:

#1. Open up Google Chrome.

#2. If you look at the upper-right corner of the toolbar, you will see a little picture of a wrench with a little arrow. Click on the arrow and you will get a drop down menu for various tasks. Point to History.


#3. Now click on History. Chrome will now open a new browser “tab”. In the upper left-hand corner of the tab you will see the following:


#4. Now look directly to the right of the page and you will see Edit items… Click on it.


#5. After you click on Edit items… a new tab will pop up. There is a button that says Clear all browsing data. Click on it.


#6. When you click on Clear all browsing data… a box will pop up that gives you the option to choose which items to delete. Put a checkmark next to those items.


#7. Under the list of items you can delete there is the option of deleting data from a certain time period. Click the arrow and choose the time period.


#8. After you have selected the time period from which to clear your history, click on Clear browsing data.


#9. Now click on close. If you look to the right of your page again, you will see that you are Done Removing Items.


And you truly are done removing items! Your browsing history has been cleared.

Thanks for writing!

~Lori Cline

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