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Delete Incorrect Dictionary Entries in Word

Marvin asks:

I was doing a spell-check the other day and I accidentally added a word that wasn’t spelled right to the Dictionary. Can I get rid of it or do I just watch for the misspelled word?

Hi, Marvin, thanks for asking about this – I hadn’t ever even thought about it. I’ll bet my dictionary couldn’t win a lot of spelling contests; I am going to check it later.

Okay, here’s how we get rid of any unwanted terms in our fine word processing (no pun intended) program’s dictionary:

First, open Microsoft Word and go up to Tools. (It’s all the way at the top where File, Edit, View, etc. is). Left-click on Tools, then left-click on Options.


After you click on Options, a multi-tabbed box pops up. Look for the tab that says Spelling and Grammar and left-click on that tab. About halfway down the box there is a Custom Dictionaries button. Left-click on that.


Another box will pop up. You will see a list of ‘Custom Dictionaries’ (although most people only have one). Depending on what version of Word you have, left-click on Edit or Modify.

After you click on Modify (illustrated in this example), you will see a list of the words in your Custom Dictionary. As you can see, mine has the word “entires” in it. What I meant to type was “entries” and when Word did a spell-check and told me it was spelled wrong, I accidentally clicked Add to Dictionary instead of choosing the correctly spelled word.

Left-click on the word you want to remove to highlight it, left-click on Delete, and then left-click on OK.


The Custom Dictionary box is there now; left-click on OK.

Finally, the multi-tabbed box is there; left-click on OK.

And there you have it! You have edited your Dictionary and the word is gone!

Thanks for writing!

~Lori Cline