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Delete Screensavers (or uninstall them)

My screen saver collection is taking up too much space in my computer. How can I delete them?

They do accumulate, don’t they? There are two separate methods to removing screen savers, depending on how they’re stored in your system.

If you have installed screen saver collections from a disk or the web, you’ll recover more space if you uninstall the screen saver programs rather than just delete the files. XP users, go to the Start menu, go to My Computer, and select the Control Panel.


Click Add/Remove Programs. You’ll have to find the name of the screen saver program in the list. If it has an Uninstall option for the whole collection, use that. If it doesn’t, Change/Remove the screen saver program.

For screen savers that weren’t installed as part of a collection, go to the Start Menu, My Computer, and choose your main drive (usually your C: drive).


The contents of your C: drive will appear in a new window. Click the Search icon in the toolbar and select All Files and Folders.


In the box labeled All or part of the file name, type in:

Enter. After a few seconds (or minutes, if your collection is particularly huge), you’ll have a list of all the screen saver files on your drive. Right-click and delete what you don’t want to keep.

~ Chris Fisher