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Delete Select Websites From Google Chrome History

Awhile back I wrote a post on deleting history on Google Chrome [1]. However, a visitor to that post wanted to know if we could delete the history, but leave out stuff from a particular website. 

Now, Google Chrome is pretty blunt by itself – it was designed for speed and not for features. However, there are extensions in Google Chrome that can add to its capabilities. Today, we will see a Google Chrome history replacement that does a good job at replacing the built-in history function. It’s called History 2.

The default history on Google Chrome looks like this.


With History 2, it becomes more usable and looks like this.


Installing History 2

Step 1: Go to this URL [2] for History 2 on the Google Chrome Webstore.

Step 2: Click on the Add to Chrome button on the top right corner.


Step 3: A pop-up window appears. Confirm by clicking on the Add button.


Congratulations. You have installed History 2 in 3 easy steps.

Using history 2

Now we will see how to use History 2 to delete select websites from your History. However, it will be useful if we familiarize ourselves with the features of History 2 first.


Step 1: Go to history from the wrench on the top right corner, and click on history. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+H shortcut.


Step 2: Now, let us say we want to delete the history for Google Chrome Webstore from my history list. To do this, we will expand Google Chrome Webstore by clicking on the “+”, and then, click on “Select All” as shown below.



Step 3: Repeat step 1 and step 2 for all websites you want out of your history. Finally, click on “Delete all selected URLs”.


Step 4: When the operation completes, we will return to the History page.

History can also be sorted according to time of visit (within a month, week, day etc.) and visiting frequency of websites. Take effective control of your history with this extension called History 2. 

~Chinmoy Kanjilal