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Delete vs. Clear

Delete vs. Clear

Do you use a lot of formatting (font, bold, etc.) in MS Excel?

Have you ever noticed that all the formatting seems to stay around whenever you hit the Delete button to remove a cell’s content?

Maybe that’s a good thing, but then again, maybe it’s not. It’s possible that you then spend even more time trying to undo all the formatting the Delete button left behind.

Looking for a way to clear out both the contents of the cell and strip away all the formatting?

No problem.

The answer you seek is found under the Edit menu.

If you take a look there, you’ll find the Clear submenu and within it, you’ll find the choice of “All.” (Alt + E + A + A will accomplish this without a mouse as well).

When you make this choice, not only does Excel remove the data, it also returns all the formatting to the default state from which it started.

As a side note, I must mention that just below the Clear All choice, there are a few others, including the choice to clear just the cell contents or formatting. You just have to decide.

Delete. Clear. Delete. Clear. It just depends on how much you want Excel to leave behind!

~ April