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Delete Wallpaper

I don’t see a way to delete wallpaper. Can I do it, or am I stuck with all of these pictures I’ll never use?

If you notice, when you go to Display Properties/Desktop in XP, or Personalize in Vista or Windows 7, you won’t find a delete button to prune the long list of wallpaper, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You can go to the wallpaper folder directly and delete from there. Here’s how:

Usually the wallpaper folder is located at C:\WINDOWS\Web\WALLPAPER . If you don’t find it, just do a search for Wallpaper and it will come up in the list.

Once you get to that folder, if you have Windows XP, change the view to Thumbnail, so you can see all the pictures. In Vista, or Windows 7, you may want to change the view to Large icons or Extra large icons.

Hold down the Ctrl key and click the pictures you want to delete.

Tap your Delete key or select Delete from the right click menu and, ZAP, they’re gone.

Those little .bmp tiles are located somewhere else. Just head back to the C:\WINDOWS folder and follow the same procedure to get rid of them.

~ David