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Deleting Entries On Your Facebook Wall

Without the face-to-face interaction of a normal conversation, it’s easy for discussions on social networking sites to get heated and out of hand quickly. Whether you knocked back a few too many before deciding to tell your sister what you really think of her latest boyfriend, or you just accidentally posted a comment before it was finished and need to start over, you may want to occasionally delete messages on Facebook.

Since changing over to the new “Timeline” view, the process for deleting unwanted messages on Facebook has changed slightly, and is done in different ways depending on which type of message you need to remove. If you want to delete a message that you recently posted for all your Facebook friends to see, navigate to your timeline by clicking your name at the top-right corner of the screen.

Finding Your Timeline

Scroll down to the unwanted post and locate the “Edit or Remove” icon at the top-right corner of the message. The icon is marked by a pencil and is positioned to the left of the star icon labeled “Highlight.”

The Edit Or Remove Icon

To completely delete the post, along with any additional comments beneath it, select the “Delete Post” entry in the drop-down menu. If you instead want to still be able to read the post and its comments, but don’t want it to show up in your timeline for other Facebook users to view, select the “Hide From Timeline” option.

There’s always got to be one obnoxious person who just can’t keep an offensive comment to themselves, and in those instances you don’t have to leave the comment active for all to see. To delete just that comment instead of the entire post, scroll down to the specific comment and click the blue “X” icon at the far right side. Select “Delete Comment” to remove the message, or instead choose “Mark as Spam” or “Report as Abuse” if you want to send a complaint to Facebook about the comment as well.

 Deleting Comments

Anyone on your friend’s list is capable of posting a message directly on your timeline, and posts from friends and family members will also appear there if they specifically tag your profile. In the event you no longer need an old post from a friend, or someone posted a message you have no interest in, these messages can also be hidden from your timeline. Click the “Edit or Remove” icon in the top-right corner of the message, just as you had with your own post previously. Prevent the post from appearing by clicking “Hide From Timeline.” Should you later change your mind and want to see the message again, scroll to the post labeled “This Story is Now Hidden From Your Timeline” and click the “Undo” button.

Restore A Hidden Post

Facebook also provides you the ability to delete your own comments on other user’s posts, if you later don’t want other people to see the comment.  There is no need to specifically search for your comments on other profiles, as Facebook collects them all in one location. Navigate to the top of your profile and click the “Activity Log” button positioned below your picture.  Find the specific post you want to remove in the list of all your recent comments, which are arrange in chronological order from newest to oldest. Click the circle icon labeled “Allowed on Timeline” and choose “Delete Comment.”
Deleting Your Own Comments

 ~ Ty Arthur