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Design Seeds

I love color! Love, love, love it! This site brings you all the color inspiration you could ever want and then adds a bit more! So what is Design Seeds? It’s a site dedicated to bringing you all sorts of different color palettes to help inspire your design. Whether you’re decorating the rooms in your home, planning a website, or deciding on a color scheme for a project – you are going to find a ton of inspiration here.

There are several nifty ways to navigate the site. You can start by checking out the featured palettes which are added daily and are setup blog style. So just scroll down the page and use the numbers and arrows to navigate back through the palettes.

Looking for a specific color? Well you can use the sliders labeled R, G, and B, under Search by Color to make the square next to them display the color you want to look for.  Then click Go Get It, and it will search for palettes with that color, if there are any they’ll display below.

You can also search the palettes by Theme. Just click on one of the themes listed to be whisked away to an assortment of palettes that fits under that category. The categories are Autumn, Edible, Global, Spring, Vacation, Crafted, Flora, Mineral, Summer, Vintage, Creatures, Fowl, Nature, The Sea, and Winter.

If you’re a member of Pinterest you can pin the palettes you like by clicking the Pin It button. This makes it easy to save the ones you want to remember. Or if you’re decorating you can save the palette to one of your pin boards and then easily add other items that you want to add to the room.

I love this site! It gives me incredible inspiration for my knitting designs, and has helped me pick colors for our living room. Check it out today!

http://design-seeds.com/index.php/search [1]